Sous Vide Beef Rib with Red Wine Reduction



  • One two kilo beef rib joint (without the ribs)
  • Half a tablespoon or so of each of the following:
    • Sea salt
    • Black peppercorns
    • Mustard seed
    • Dried thyme
  • A glass of good red wine
  • A jar of GRAHAM'S horseradish sauce

The first thing to do is to grind the salt, pepper and mustard seed until cracked and coarse.

Rub the beef all over with the mixture. Most of it will stick. Vacuum seal the beef and put it in your sous vide bath for ten hours or so at 55ºC. Time depends on the size of the cut and temperature determines the degree of doneness.

When the beef is cooked, remove it from the bag and pat it dry. Brown it on a hot pan. You could do this with a blowtorch or on the barbecue.

While this is doing, pour the bag juices into a separate pan. Heat the juices up and they will go all murky and opaque. Strain this through muslin. Wash the pan. Add the wine. Add back the strained juices.

Reduce the sauce by 50%.  Then add a knob of butter and stir it in, it makes the sauce and the thought a bit more palatable.

Slice the beef.

Serve the beef with in nice slices with the sauce, some vegetables and a nice dollop of the GRAHAM'S horseradish sauce.


                    Thank you to Conor Bofin who featured this wonderful recipe on his fantastic multi award winning blog-